• A Letter to Our Customers

    Tom Sparkman

    Dear Spansion Customer, The trial in Spansion’s first case against Macronix ended October 10 and it was a great success.  Our witnesses presented Spansion’s position well and many of Macronix’s witnesses were caught changing their story with conflicting testimony.  As expected, it was obvious at the end of the trial that Macronix is in violation

  • Spansion® Traveo™ MCUs - 2D Graphics Demonstration for Automotive Information Systems

    Linda Goncalves

    SAE Convergence Conference & Exhibition brings together technology leaders from around the globe to show, see and discuss the latest in electronics systems and issues critical to mobility electronics implementation. In this video taken last week at SAE Convergence 2014 in Detroit, Sven Natus, senior marketing manager for Spansion Automotive MCUs, provides an overview of

  • Embedded Planet Designs with Spansion

    Linda Goncalves

    Earlier this year at the Freescale Technology Forum, Spansion caught up with Price David, a senior design engineer for Embedded Planet. As a leading single board computer and embedded systems solutions provider, the company offers a full range of technology to meet the needs of OEM providers in the networking, military, industrial and medical markets.

  • Spansion Gets Even More Hyped Up with Development of HyperRAM™ Products

    Hiro Ino

    I’m excited to announce the latest evolution of the Spansion® HyperBus™ Interface and our plans to develop Spansion’s HyperRAM™ products.  As you may recall, we introduced HyperFlash memory earlier this year and our announcement today to develop HyperRAM products comes on the heels of last week’s announcement of the expansion of Spansion’s Traveo microprocessor family

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