• Spotlight: Celebrating the Awesome Dads at Cypress

    Shannon Stroud

    To celebrate Father’s Day this year we went around and spoke to a few dads about the ups and downs of parenthood, and we quickly learned that the dads at Cypress rock! They shared with us the silly and sweet moments of fatherhood and the lessons they have learned from their dads about being a

  • Cypress’ Maker of the Month: Sensing the World Contest Winner, Abdullah Sadiq

    Samer Bahou

    At Cypress®, we are all about solving our customers’ problems with our state-of-the-art solutions. We love problems because we are passionate about solutions. The Maker of the Month series recognizes unique projects created by the maker community and their design problems that were solved using Cypress technology. For more information about Cypress’ maker community involvement,

  • Cultivating Next-Gen Problem Solvers at Maker Faire Bay Area

    Shannon Stroud

    Techies, educators, tinkerers and problem solvers, unite! It’s that time of year again where makers from all over the world congregate to collaborate and explore new technology at the Maker Faire tradeshow series. This event celebrates the inventive, creative and resourceful spirit of the Maker Movement and we are thrilled to be part of this

  • Moms in Tech: Highlighting Some of the Amazing, Problem-Solving Parents at Cypress

    Hannah White

    In honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday, we went around Cypress' HQ and asked a handful of incredible moms for a few words about being a parent in the tech industry. Some of the questions were: What is the most challenging thing about being a working parent in the tech industry? What benefits do you

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