5 Tech Gifts That Say “Be Mine”

Posted on February 12, 2018 by Shannon Stroud

This Valentine’s Day, think outside the box of chocolates and store-bought flowers and consider gifts that say “I love you” year-round. We put together a list of tech gadgets that are anything but predictable. From wearables to smart assistants, here are the top five tech gifts you should consider this Valentine’s Day.

1. The Oura Ring


Jewelry is a common Valentine’s Day gift, but we think a versatile ring that doubles as a stylish accessory and activity tracker makes an even better statement. Oura’s Smart Health ring is a sleek wearable that tracks sleep, recovery and daily activities. The ring is sure to make your honey’s heart skip a beat.

2. LEDvance Bluetooth Mesh Lighting Products


Whether you’re enjoying a homemade meal in the dining room or watching your favorite romantic comedy on the couch, no one wants to get up to dim the lights. Now you and your sweetheart will never have to with LEDVANCE’s Bluetooth Mesh lighting products. Just dim the lights with your smartphone and the mood is set – sounds like love at first “light.”

3. Apple AirPods


You’ve seen it in movies, TV shows and in real life – mixtapes are a sure sign that someone’s crushing on you. What’s the 2018 version of a mixtape? A Spotify playlist, of course. Take your mixtape to the next level by giving your loved one Apple AirPods to stream those ballads and let them know you’re into them.

4. Amazon Echo Show


Got a long distance crush? We’ve got you covered. With Amazon’s Echo Show, you both can stay connected with face to face video calls. Alexa will also keep their calendar up-to-date so they never miss date nights and anniversaries.

5. Ultimate Ears MEGABLAST

celebrates george coe GIF


Gifts are even better with a grand gesture. Channel your inner John Cusack by surprising your Valentine with the UE MEGABLAST smart speaker. This Alexa-enabled speaker makes picking out the perfect songs on Valentine’s Day a little easier. Do you hear that? Sounds like you’re falling in love.

We hope our gift guide helped you with those Valentine’s Day jitters and you’re now prepared with the best gift you’ve ever given. At Cypress, we love helping our customers solve problems and turn their ideas into reality. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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