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  • Spansion HyperBus™ Interface enables breakneck read throughput speeds

    333 MHz NOR flash memory–Spansion’s new interface promises peak performance for memories and more

  • Data learning and SPI boost NOR flash performance

    Today’s SPI-DDR NOR flash cuts complexity and enhances speed to support embedded applications like automotive graphics.

  • Instant gratification, instant answers, instant coffee…Instant on!

    Our generation seems to demand that everything these days works fast, is efficient and accomplishes the task at hand conveniently to keep up with our crazy schedules.  One area of our lives where we haven’t been spoiled with instant gratification is in many home electronics boot up times.  In fact, start times of many electronics

  • Security Surveillance Market Is More Consumer Friendly

    The security surveillance market shows the potential to grow exponentially with growth driven by three main factors that will continue to push technology and availability to new levels. The commercial construction boom in emerging countries, especially in China, is a significant factor.

  • Cupid Says: Flash Memory and Heart Rate Monitors are a Perfect Couple

    Valentine’s Day Question:  What do Cupid and Flash memory have in common? Answer: Both have a vested interest in your heart. While Cupid is concerned about making your heart swoon for another, Flash is all about driving the medical devices used to aid this vital organ, most notably, the heart rate monitor.

  • Enabling Early Stage Embedded Design

    Michele Landry, Spansion’s VP of Corporate Communications, recently shared how Spansion employees worldwide make an impact throughout the year on the communities where they work and live.  In addition to that, I believe that Spansion makes a positive impact by delivering products and service that enable innovative, life-changing product design.  In order to do that,

  • Spansion’s New Year’s Resolutions for Embedded Flash Memory

    January is the fresh start to a new year and is a great time to look back on the past year and resolve to make changes in the coming one. While the word “resolution” is often tied to changing habits, it is also a good way to set out commitments for the coming year at

  • Spansion Recognized as Marketshare Leader in Embedded Solutions

    In my first couple of months at Spansion, I’ve had the opportunity to visit and interact with several customers who are pioneering significant developments in embedded applications – including industrial design and UI interface innovations that will drive the adoption of new solutions in the market.

  • Mainstream Adoption of Embedded Devices: Healthcare

    In my previous post on the mainstream adoption of embedded devices, we examined how embedded systems are making our homes smarter and more energy efficient.  In this post we will look at how embedded devices are changing the future of healthcare.

  • Mainstream Adoption of Embedded Devices: The Smart Home

    Your home is being invaded – but don’t fret, it’s for the better. Smart devices are making their way into the home at a rapid pace – in fact, IMS Research projects nearly 400 million smart devices will be shipped in the next five years alone.

  • Chevy Volt Teardown: Infotainment

    I recently attended the “Chevy Volt Teardown: Infotainment” session presented by Al Steier from Munro & Associates and John Scott-Thomas from TechInsights at San Jose Design West 2012 Conference.  In this session they revealed the key components of the communication board, body control module, instrument cluster electronics, and the infotainment system.   It was great to

  • “Live” from ESC: Improved Memory Throughput Using Serial NOR Flash

    This Thursday, March 29, at DesignWest, I’ll be presenting a session on Improved Memory Throughput Using Serial NOR Flash. This blog gives you a preview of my 2:00-3:00 session in Room J4 at The San Jose McEnery Convention Center.

  • Home Security: Protection in a Flash

    It always happens when you are running late. Your 4-year old is pushing you to get her to gymnastics class. After struggling with getting her dressed and standing on one foot putting on your shoes with her urgently tugging on your pants, you go to set your alarm.  The read-out stares back at you mockingly.

  • A View from the Driver’s Seat: Automotive Technology in 2012

    2012 is shaping up to be the year of automotive innovation. For years, the automotive industry has been chasing the tech-savvy, connected consumer, and we’re finally starting to see some exciting progress. Automakers are racing to put connected cars on the road with systems that allow drivers to do everything from updating their Facebook status

  • Telemedicine: What’s On TV? It’s Your Doctor

    “I need to see a doctor about this.”  Often implied in this statement is a face-to-face meeting in an office, but that doctor may actually be in another state or possibly halfway around the world.  Telemedicine with the use of telecommunications and information technology is making it possible to provide healthcare from a distance for

  • Shooting the Breeze about Kinetic Wind Energy Generators

    Windmills.  Just the word alone brings back memories of Amsterdam and wooden shoes.  Or that eccentric inventor Caractacus Potts in the Disney Movie “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. Or Don Quixote on horseback, tilting at windmills as if they were giants.  Today, windmills, now known as wind turbines, are much more sophisticated than those quaint old

  • Meet Your Power Meter – It’s Smart and Chatty

    It used to happen every other month.  The doorbell rang and you heard, “Hi, I am from the power company and I’m here to read your meter.” However, with the ongoing rollout of new smart meters, this is becoming increasingly rare. Is it just another technology that is replacing human capital or does it have

  • Spansion Universal Footprint: Flexibility in Your Designs

    We have all had the same experience.  We start down a home improvement project and halfway through we need a more powerful part.  After trudging to the local supply store and returning with the part, we find out it just doesn’t fit. Fortunately, the same won’t be true with our Spansion NOR flash due to

  • Technology is Racing Inside the Car

    Time flies.  I can’t believe it is almost the end of the year already.  For many, that means the shock of holiday shopping starts to set in, but for me, it is time to start watching the parade of announcements from the automakers as they roll out new models and announce their latest technology breakthroughs. 

  • Introducing Spansion® FL-S SPI family: Your New Four-Lane Superhighway

    You’ll get no arguments from me.  I love driving my car on an open, six-lane superhighway. With speed limits in the US of upwards of 80MPH, you can quickly get from point A to point B. However, that huge superhighway comes with a cost; it takes up a lot of real estate, it is costly

  • Gaming Graphics Get More Flashy

    About 5 months ago, a very interesting point-and-click adventure game called Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP was released for the Apple iPad.  Was it because it has outstanding, immersive gameplay? No, it was released with incredible 8-bit visuals, challenging puzzles and an awesome soundtrack. Indeed, it was quite different than the predominate trend in gaming:

  • Spansion’s Fab-Lite Manufacturing Strategy Gains More Weight

    Spansion put more weight behind its Fab-Lite manufacturing strategy by expanding our relationship with Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), China’s largest and most advanced semiconductor foundry.  We recently announced that we have extended our current foundry arrangement to expand the 65nm capacity and include the manufacture of Spansion’s 45nm NOR Flash memory. So why Fab-Lite?

  • Automakers Ratchet Up Performance Requirements

    My colleague Anthony Le and I have both been blogging about the transformation of the car in recent months for Memory Matters.  Truly, the car is turning into one of the most advanced consumer electronics devices on the market.  The dashboard is morphing from gauges and dials into a digital display, the center console’s nobs and buttons

  • The Future of NOR Flash Memory

    He’s coming… he’s coming soon… he’s coming to a conference center near you.  It’s “Samson,” the 66-million-year-old dinosaur skeleton – one of the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex specimens.  Samson will be at the ESC Silicon Valley 2011 Conference from May 3-5th at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA.  It turns out so will I.

  • NVIDIA in the Driver’s Seat?

    When you think of NVIDIA, most consumers have thoughts of advanced graphics chips for PC gaming.  Its GeForce line has long been heralded for its realistic 3D visuals, screaming performance and fast interactive game play.  That type of innovation is what NVIDIA has been known to deliver.  So what’s a graphics processing unit (GPU) doing

  • Consumers Thirst for Instant-On Experience

    With Apple’s recent launch of the iPad 2 there’s lots of discussion in the blogosphere and editorials across the web on the “post-PC” era and the improved instant-on user experience that comes with it.  There’s debate whether tablets are signaling a new era beyond the traditional PC or if it is just an evolution of

  • Hurry Up and Get Idle

    I was talking this week with Jim Handy, a widely recognized semiconductor analyst with Objective Analysis. We were discussing how common wisdom suggests that performance often comes with the added cost of increased power and inefficiency. A fast car is going to burn more gas. The quickest processor is going to consumer more watts of

  • New Serial Flash Memory Provides More Options for Customers

    Providing complete solutions is central to Spansion’s focus on customer support.  To provide solutions, you need competitive products, a selection of packages, software from drivers to file systems, experienced technical support, customer support that follows the life of the product and longevity of product supply.  It also means providing customers a choice in Flash memory

  • Spansion JL Family for Auto, Industrial and Defense Applications

    Spansion’s goal is to bring solutions to market that address customers’ application needs.  We continue to invest across our entire portfolio to introduce new products and ensure we have the right performance and cost structure to best support our customers. The 3-Volt Spansion JL family is well suited for a broad range of automotive, industrial