Ali Pourkeramati

Ali Pourkeramati was formerly vice president of Memory Strategy, Technology and New Products at Cypress. Prior to joining Cypress, he was senior vice president of the flash memory business, strategic alliances and business development for Spansion. While at Spansion, Pourkeramati served in several executive management and engineering capacities. He was the senior vice president of marketing as well as the company’s CTO. He also served as the executive vice president for applications and platform engineering, the corporate vice president of platform design, and the vice president of engineering, where he introduced new methodologies to the company, including the microcontroller and platform product design. Prior to Spansion, Pourkeramati was founder, president and CEO of Azalea Microelectronics Corp., where he worked for nine years, licensing the company's flash technology to OEMs in the embedded and consumer markets. In addition, Pourkeramati held manager, director and vice president-level engineering positions at International CMOS Technology Inc. (ICT), where he pioneered simple PLDs and complex PLDs based on nonvolatile memory, and at Signetics Corp., where he was responsible for a number of nonvolatile memory innovations and products. With more than 31 years in the nonvolatile memory industry, Pourkeramati has been recognized for his work, which includes more than a dozen patents and contributions to technical publications on the topics of nonvolatile memory, flash technology, architecture and design, and complex PLDs. Pourkeramati holds a master's degree in electrical engineering from Santa Clara University and a bachelor's degree in electrical and computer engineering from Oregon State University.
Articles by Ali Pourkeramati
  • Configurable Platforms for Embedded Systems to Improve User Experience

    In order for designers to offer the best user experience and cost structure for embedded systems, customization and programmability is key to designing application-specific platforms based on regional and products requirements. 

  • A New Charge Trap Memory Technology for Embedding with Logic

    According to industry analysts, the embedded MCU market is about $15B growing 10% CAGR by 2017. Many of today’s modern MCU’s integrate some non-volatile memory (NVM), however, suppliers are not able to scale the memory cells and its performance to keep pace with their advancements in logic design.