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  • CES 2014: A Flash-y Show

    Last week I got the chance to stop in at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  Tech companies from every segment of the industry come to CES, making it a great place to see the latest automotive electronics, computers, mobile devices, wearable gear, televisions, media players, tablets and just about every other kind

  • NOR Flash Memory – Still Relevant and Innovating for the Next Decade

    After moderating a panel session titled “Improving NOR Flash Performance” at last month’s Flash Memory Summit, I spoke with several customers.   Embedded designers still have a lot of interest in NOR Flash memory and they were happy to hear that Spansion is continuing to invest in NOR innovations.  Cliff Zitlaw presented the benefits of

  • Femtocells: The Next Billion Dollar Market

    In a previous blog, I discussed some information from a Cisco report on the massive growth in mobile data and its impact on the economics of the business for mobile network operators.  Here will we explore its ramifications on the build out of future network topologies.  As Lisa Su, SVP & GM, Networking and Multimedia

  • Apple’s iCloud Pushes Demand for LTE Deployments

    About 25 years ago, teens were demanding, “I want my MTV” and driving cable companies to enable more entertainment content. Fast forward to today, they are screaming, “I want my Justin Bieber” streamed to my wireless device. Leading edge companies are rolling out new Cloud services to meet the demand.  Now, the pressure is on

  • Emergence of Heterogeneous Communications Networks

    It’s rare to find someone accessing the internet through a wired desktop these days.  Most of us are on the go and using one or more mobile devices – such as, laptops, phones, and tablets – to do work or connect to “our social network”.  The point is that consumers are consuming information anytime, anywhere, and

  • TFT Clusters Demand for High Density NOR

    Today’s innovations in automobile design result from the growing demand for more electronics within the car. Cars now come with state-of-the-art audio and video systems, high-tech and graphic-rich navigation systems, and wireless technologies for many types of communications. Safety electronics is on the cusp of making a quantum leap forward with advanced driver assistance systems

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Differentiate the Automotive Playing Field

    The automotive industry has always been a competitive market but the environment has definitely changed and competition has increased over the past couple years. OEMs are looking for new areas of innovation to differentiate and win. The result is a plus for the consumer as we’re seeing more features from safety to entertainment making their

  • Spansion and the GENIVI Alliance Take the Complexity out of Automotive Infotainment

    I remember when my father traded in our old family station wagon for a 4-door sedan – upgrading us to power windows and locks and a cassette player vs. the old 8-track. It was pretty fancy at the time. Fast forward to today. Auto electronics can park cars automatically, slow you down if you’re getting