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  • MCUs vs. MPUs: Choose the right one for your industrial application

    MPUs offer more functionality and faster time to market, while MCUs provide a smaller, more cost-efficient solution.

  • A Closer Look at MPUs

    Introduction Part two of this blog series is around microprocessors or MPUs. MPUs rely on external memory and sophisticated power supplies to provide higher processing power with much greater flash and RAM sizes. Let’s get started. MPU Key Characteristics Commonly used names for MPUs are application processors and media processors. MPU vendors include, but are

  • A Closer Look at MCUs

    Introduction Part one of this blog series will take a closer look at microcontrollers (MCUs) – commonly referred to as a self-contained, system-on-a-chip (SoC). MCUs have internal flash memory and are intended to operate with a minimum amount of external support ICs.  This blog covers many of the features and functions of MCUs. Let’s dive

  • Internet of Everything is Everywhere at CES 2014

    By Clay Merritt After spending three days strolling through 3.2 million square feet of  displays from the over 3,200 exhibitors at CES 2014 it’s clear the Internet-of-Things (IoT) was a focal point for many at the show. It was easily seen that the framework for connecting many nodes in a home, business, town or farm