Dr. Saied Tehrani

Articles by Dr. Saied Tehrani
  • ARM TechCon 2014: All Things ARM-based Automotive

    Yesterday at ARM TechCon 2014, I gave a presentation titled “Automotive Applications ARM® Cortex®-R5 MCU.” While still a relatively new conference, ARM TechCon has the ability to bring some of the most innovative companies together to talk about the collaborative work they’re doing with ARM. As a result, my session was packed with intelligent industry

  • Join Spansion at ARM TechCon 2014

    Next week, Spansion and fellow chip designers, system implementation engineers and software developers will gather in Santa Clara, Calif. for ARM TechCon 2014. Now in its 10th year, the conference delivers an at-the-forefront comprehensive forum intended to ignite the development and optimization of future ARM-based embedded products.  Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from

  • Spansion’s Latest Family of MCUs are Driving New Automotive Designs

    Car salesmen are used to asking prospective buyers a number of different questions to help match them with their dream car. What make did you have in mind? What model are you looking for? Do you have a preferred color? As can be expected with any product, the questions on the showroom floor have evolved

  • Seven Generations of MirrorBit® Technology: The Evolution of Charge Trap Technology

    For some, Charge Trap (CT) Technology may sound like a new invention, but it was first introduced back in 1967 by H.A.R. Wegener in an IEDM Technical Digest. This is also the case for many of the novel memories being discussed today as the future for non-volatile memory (NVM). What prevents many of these technologies

  • Underlying Technologies for Non-Volatile Memory

    Non-volatile memory, such as NOR and NAND, is a part of our everyday lives, helping to power the majority of the technology we touch—from cars, smartphones and tablets to smart TVs and home security systems. The non-volatile memory market is growing rapidly with the continuous evolution of Flash technology to smaller geometries delivering higher density