Hannah White

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  • Cypress Takes Over @ Maker Faire Shenzhen

    If there is one thing we've learned from the Maker community, it’s that Makers are creating and innovating across the entire globe. After our fun adventures at Maker Faire Seattle, we eagerly packed up our PSoC© projects and one-of-a-kind maker demos to head to one of China’s major tech hubs for Maker Faire Shenzhen. Makers

  • How You Can Make the Projects We Showcased @ Maker Faire Seattle ‘17

    We love showcasing the innovative ways makers use our technology. The maker community consistently creates out-of-the box projects, so it’s no surprise that Maker Faire is one of our favorite places. Recently, we packed up our favorite PSoC© demos and hit the road to “SEA” all the makers at Maker Faire Seattle. We were especially

  • Constantly Connected: A Look at Wearable Trends

    The release of new and exciting gadgets each month shows that the explosion of connected devices is not slowing down anytime soon. Consumers are becoming increasingly connected in more ways than one – from their smartphones and laptops, to “wearing” their connectivity. According to research firm IDC, the wearables market will nearly double by 2021,

  • Moms in Tech: Highlighting Some of the Amazing, Problem-Solving Parents at Cypress

    In honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday, we went around Cypress' HQ and asked a handful of incredible moms for a few words about being a parent in the tech industry. Some of the questions were: What is the most challenging thing about being a working parent in the tech industry? What benefits do you