Hiro Ino

Senior Director of Product Marketing

Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

Hiro Ino is senior director of product marketing for the Flash Memory Group of Cypress Semiconductor Corp., formerly Spansion. He has been with the company for approximately 9 months. Mr. Ino’s experience in the hi-tech industry started as a system design engineer being part of a development team for designing 3D-graphics supercomputers at Evans & Sutherland. Through his career, his contribution has evolved from engineering and engineering management to business management. Among his latest experiences include: Senior Director of Strategic Business Development at SanDisk, VP of Marketing and Business Development at m-systems (which was acquired by SanDisk), VP of Marketing at T-RAM Semiconductor, a high-profile venture-backed start-up developing a novel high-performance RAM technology, and Director of WW Memory Business at Sony Electronics developing ultra-high-speed memory for CPU cache applications. Mr. Ino received his degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences from the University of California at Berkeley.
Articles by Hiro Ino
  • Video: Say Hello to the Fastest NOR Flash, Spansion’s HyperFlash™ NOR Memory Family

    When it comes to NOR flash performance, Spansion is a leader in both parallel NOR and SPI NOR devices. Last year, we topped ourselves with the introduction of the first family of products based on the new Spansion® HyperBus™ interface, Spansion HyperFlash™ NOR Memory devices. With read throughput of up to 333 megabytes per second,

  • Video: Spansion’s HyperBus™ Interface Ups the Ante for Embedded Design

    For embedded design engineers, the requirement for high-speed solutions to address the instant-on and interactive user interface requirements driven by consumers today is very real. One area in particular where this is apparent is in automotive where technology like auto instrument clusters, infotainment systems and advanced driver assistance systems are becoming the norm. Recognizing the

  • Spansion Gets Even More Hyped Up with Development of HyperRAM™ Products

    I’m excited to announce the latest evolution of the Spansion® HyperBus™ Interface and our plans to develop Spansion’s HyperRAM™ products.  As you may recall, we introduced HyperFlash memory earlier this year and our announcement today to develop HyperRAM products comes on the heels of last week’s announcement of the expansion of Spansion’s Traveo microprocessor family

  • Spansion Answers the Call for Next Generation Graphical User Interface Requirements

    Embedded designers are increasingly tasked with enabling more functionality in embedded applications to deliver feature-rich and highly interactive user experiences. A good example of this is the evolution of electronics technology within automobiles. Not too long ago, features like automatic windows and a CD player were considered a luxury; however, over the course of just