Mark McClain


Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

Mark McClain has more than three dozen years of semiconductor industry experience. As a fellow at Cypress Semiconductor Corp., formerly Spansion, he has responsibility for Flash Business Group product planning and strategic marketing. His nine years at Spansion included conducting market analysis, defining next-generation memory specifications, product planning, standardization efforts, hardware system design, technical support and key customer relationship management. Prior to Spansion, he was a senior member of technical staff of the Flash product planning group for two years and a senior member of the field applications technical staff for 18 years at AMD; and a systems engineering manager at both Unisys and Burroughs for seven years. He holds multiple patents and has published several papers and application manuals. Mark holds a BS in electrical engineering technology from Purdue University.
Articles by Mark McClain
  • Performance Improvement: Spotlight on SPI-DDR NOR Flash Memory

    Embedded devices are becoming increasingly sophisticated and while this brings numerous benefits to consumers, it also brings with it numerous challenges. Today’s mobile and embedded designers are tasked with varying requirements that oftentimes conflict against each other. They must deliver on things like fast boot time but at a reduced cost, high performance, but with