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  • What Will Everybody be Talking about this Year? Key Discussions in Technology for 2015 and Beyond

    The year started off fast with one of the biggest events of our industry – CES – recently coming to a close. It gives me an interesting opportunity to reflect on the last year through the lens of all these technologies at CES we’ll see in the near future. It’s hard to narrow down the

  • Spansion Puts the Focus on Power Management at Energy Harvesting & Storage USA

      Last week at Energy Harvesting & Storage USA, I gave a presentation titled, “Energy-Harvesting Devices Replace Batteries in IoT Sensors” to a packed audience. Hosted by IDTechEx, the conference covered energy harvesting technologies, case studies and markets, ranging from consumer electronics and sensors all the way to vehicles, building and industrial automation. It was

  • A Letter to Our Customers

    Dear Spansion Customer, First and foremost, let me apologize for you being drawn into the dispute between Macronix and Spansion.  It was never our intention to disrupt our relationship as we assert our intellectual property rights. Macronix has been quite active in issuing their own press releases, creating quite a distorted picture of this case

  • Bye Bye Batteries: Unleashing the Real Power of the IoT

    There’s something holding back the Internet of Things (IoT) and it’s not imagination, technology or consumer interest. It’s power. I predict there would be billions of sensors at the heart of the billions of intelligent connected devices in use today if these devices didn’t have to rely on some form of battery for power. That’s a problem. Batteries are costly, toxic

  • Will a connected world be a more secure world?

    Impressions from embedded world 2014 in Germany It would have been difficult to walk away from the embedded world conference without noticing two overarching themes: The Internet of Things (IoT) and Security. embedded world is one of the biggest shows exclusively focused on embedded systems with more than 850 exhibitors presenting  solutions and products to

  • The Facts About the Spansion/Macronix Lawsuit

    Many of you may be wondering what’s next in the lawsuit battles between Spansion and Macronix. There’s been more PR value for Macronix than anything valid with their claims.  In fact, we cannot find much that is threatening with their claims.   Their December announcement is their latest attempt to counter the already pending investigation