Spansion Puts the Focus on Power Management at Energy Harvesting & Storage USA

Posted on November 24, 2014 by Tom Sparkman

  Last week at Energy Harvesting & Storage USA, I gave a presentation titled, “Energy-Harvesting Devices Replace Batteries in IoT Sensors” to a packed audience. Hosted by IDTechEx, the conference covered energy harvesting technologies, case studies and markets, ranging from consumer electronics and sensors all the way to vehicles, building and industrial automation. It was

Spansion’s Energy Harvesting, HyperFlash and HyperBus Technology Recognized by Leading Embedded Publications

Posted on November 19, 2014 by John Kispert

This was an exciting week for Spansion, with news the company was awarded not one, not two, but three embedded honors from EDN and Electronic Design. Each year, EDN and Electronic Design release the Hot 100 Products and the Best of 2014 lists, respectively, representing innovative solutions and products driving the analog, communications, digital, embedded

Spansion’s New Industrial-grade e.MMC NAND for Embedded

Posted on November 13, 2014 by Anson Tsui

This week, Spansion announced a new industrial-grade e.MMC family of products for embedded systems.  As you know, Spansion launched our SLC NAND products for embedded applications in 2012.  Since then, we’ve developed a strong customer base for our SLC NAND solutions and we’ve seen a growing need for an embedded focused mass storage solution at