• Pumpkins, PSoC & Ghost Detectors! It’s Halloween at Cypress!

    There’s a spooky feeling in the air at our Langen, Germany office today as our Problem Solvers invited their loved ones to celebrate Halloween! It’s a tradition for Cypress employees to bring their kids to the office to learn more about their parents’ work and the people they spend their days with. In recent years,

  • IoT Devices Are Dead on Arrival Without Good Wireless

    Our new Wi-Fi® chip, CYW 43012, is here to provide you with the robust connectivity you’re looking for. On September 20, 2017, we hosted our inaugural Tech Trek event, focusing on our role in the Internet of Things (IoT). The event showcased Cypress’ vision for the IoT and our latest Wi-Fi solution. With a select

  • Spotlight: Celebrating the Awesome Dads at Cypress

    To celebrate Father’s Day this year we went around and spoke to a few dads about the ups and downs of parenthood, and we quickly learned that the dads at Cypress rock! They shared with us the silly and sweet moments of fatherhood and the lessons they have learned from their dads about being a

  • Moms in Tech: Highlighting Some of the Amazing, Problem-Solving Parents at Cypress

    In honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday, we went around Cypress' HQ and asked a handful of incredible moms for a few words about being a parent in the tech industry. Some of the questions were: What is the most challenging thing about being a working parent in the tech industry? What benefits do you

  • Introducing Cypress’ New CMO Chris Cook

    We are proud to welcome our newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer Chris Cook to the Cypress family! With more than 20 years of marketing and business leadership experience, Chris is passionate about enabling meaningful connections between brands and their customers. In the video below, Chris shares his vision for Cypress and emphasizes his commitment to

  • Spotlight: Human Resources at Cypress India

    Our team in India was recently the recipient of the distinguished “Best Employer Brands Award” by the Best Employer Branding Awards. The “Best Employer Brands Award” recognizes outstanding HR achievements in an organization within the areas of hiring, training and retention practices, learning and development initiatives and innovation. Of the 50 companies nominated, Cypress came

  • Cypress: The Boundary-Pushing, Market Disrupting, Problem Solvers

    Armed with a new mission, a new PSoC architecture and the perfect crowd of embedded design enthusiasts, Cypress proved once and for all that Silicon Valley veterans truly can reinvent themselves. If you saw us at Embedded World this year, you probably noticed that we looked a little different. We reinvented ourselves with a fresh

  • Happy Thanksgiving from the Cypress family!

    As Thanksgiving approaches, we are stepping back to reflect on all of the things we are thankful for. From the addition of our Broadcom Wireless IoT family to our new fearless leader Hassane El-Khoury, this has been a year of change and we couldn’t be more grateful. In the spirit of the holiday, we asked

  • Cultivating the Next Generation of Cypress Engineers: A Q&A with Cypress University Alliance Director Patrick Kane

    The Cypress University Alliance Program (CUA) is a community of universities across the world using Cypress systems in teaching and research programs. The Cypress University Alliance Program includes free of charge access to Cypress’s full suite of software tools, as well as low-cost hardware development boards for research, graduate and undergraduate teaching. In May 2016,

  • Cypress Employees Go the Extra Mile to Make a Difference

    In my last blog “Highlights from Cypress’s Worldwide Social Responsibility Initiatives,” I explored the dedicated efforts of our employees and their families to make a difference in their communities. Cypress is fortunate and very proud to employ team members that not only embody our commitment to being a good corporate citizen at work, but also