• Spansion’s Energy Harvesting, HyperFlash and HyperBus Technology Recognized by Leading Embedded Publications

    This was an exciting week for Spansion, with news the company was awarded not one, not two, but three embedded honors from EDN and Electronic Design. Each year, EDN and Electronic Design release the Hot 100 Products and the Best of 2014 lists, respectively, representing innovative solutions and products driving the analog, communications, digital, embedded

  • Embedded Planet Designs with Spansion

    Earlier this year at the Freescale Technology Forum, Spansion caught up with Price David, a senior design engineer for Embedded Planet. As a leading single board computer and embedded systems solutions provider, the company offers a full range of technology to meet the needs of OEM providers in the networking, military, industrial and medical markets.

  • A Closer Look at MPUs

    Introduction Part two of this blog series is around microprocessors or MPUs. MPUs rely on external memory and sophisticated power supplies to provide higher processing power with much greater flash and RAM sizes. Let’s get started. MPU Key Characteristics Commonly used names for MPUs are application processors and media processors. MPU vendors include, but are

  • 2014 – The Year of the Edge

    Spansion’s Top Five Highlights of 2013 and Trends for 2014 Every year we sit back and reflect on the year behind us and what’s ahead of us.  This is especially true in the technology industry.  Things happen so quickly in our world that looking back or ahead just 12 months yields a huge horizon.  So

  • Back to the Future with Spansion Long-Term Memory Support

    I was feeling nostalgic last weekend and watched the entire Back to the Future series. In this science fiction comedy film trilogy, a teenage boy, Marty McFly, travels in time to the past and future, with the help of a time machine made out of a DeLorean car, to fix his current problems. It’s interesting

  • Yes, we CAN…our work in accelerating automotive networks

    Today’s cars are electronic devices – and are already converging into communication devices. Actually everything, down to the smallest chip, communicates with each other inside the vehicle. This can make life difficult for design engineers, since they need to design systems where one electronic device needs to communicate with others to operate. This is true

  • Flash is everywhere, including UBM DESIGN West 2013

    This week, electronics systems designers, entrepreneurs and technology professionals from around the world are gathering in San Jose, California at DESIGN West to discuss the latest technology developments and trends in the electronics world. This year’s show is packed with interesting exhibits, sessions, demos and panels from some of our partners like ARM, Green Hills

  • What Does Spansion Do?

    I’m regularly asked by my friends outside of the industry, what does Spansion do?  I can tell them that we are the leading supplier of Flash memory for embedded systems.  Or that our products power many of the electronics you interact with every day—in your car, across networks, in medical and industrial systems as well

  • Spansion Creates ‘Magic’ in Automotive Market with ADAS Technology

    When you were a kid, there is a good chance you wished that magic was real so you’d have the ability to make charms, fly with a broom and maybe even drive while you’re sleeping. Amazingly for us, one of these is actually happening and it doesn’t even require a magic wand. Thanks to the

  • Enabling Early Stage Embedded Design

    Michele Landry, Spansion’s VP of Corporate Communications, recently shared how Spansion employees worldwide make an impact throughout the year on the communities where they work and live.  In addition to that, I believe that Spansion makes a positive impact by delivering products and service that enable innovative, life-changing product design.  In order to do that,