CES 2017: What the Experts at Cypress Have to Say

Posted on January 19, 2017 by Neeta Shenoy

CES came to a close in Sin City a few weeks ago and we’ve returned to our offices buzzing with excitement about the magnitude of technological innovation on display. Walking around the show floor was like taking a step into the future, featuring wall-sized TVs, cars that drive themselves and tiny robot housekeepers. At this year’s show, we were proud to be at the forefront of technology, showcasing our solutions that power a robust range of IoT, automotive and consumer devices.

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Show-goers who stopped by our booth had the chance to take an up-close look at the tiny technology powering today’s hottest innovations, including our USB-C solutions, high-performance automotive embedded devices and advanced IoT tools, in addition to seeing the cool devices Cypress technology is inside, including a BLE-connected toothbrush, smart espresso maker and a connected umbrella. Here’s what our team had to say about their favorite demos featured in our booth this year:

Brian Bedrosian, Sr. Director of Marketing, IoT

“One of my favorite demos at our booth was the WICED Audio Demo which demos Bluetooth to Wi-Fi bridging and synchronized audio using the Adobe 5.1 speaker system. It was really cool visually because this year we added color to the speaker system using the Apollo audio stack.”

Michiyuki (Michi) Yoneda, Sr. Product Marketing Engineer, Programmable Systems Division

“I thought the OpusOne Smart Umbrella demo at our booth was a real standout this year. The umbrella has one of our BLE modules inside to communicate with your smartphone/tablet, notify you of the weather outside, and even send notifications for incoming phone calls or messages, all via Bluetooth.”

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Mark Fu, Sr. Director, Product Marketing, Wired Connectivity

“My favorite demo at our booth was the new USB-C HDMI alt-mode demo. This is yet another industry-first achievement by Cypress, continuing Cypress' market leadership in USB Type-C solutions. HDMI alt-mode enables native HDMI 1.4 signals over USB Type-C, combining data, video and power on one cable to create next-gen, slim, small form factor action cams, DSLRs, smartphones, set-top boxes and more.”

CES Recap 4

Even though our booth was busy from open to close, a few of our team members got the chance to sneak away and check out other demos around the show floor. From one side of the Las Vegas Convention Center to the other, check out their favorite highlights and trends from CES below.

Brian Bedrosian, Sr. Director of Marketing, IoT

“What we saw at this year’s show was an undeniable drive toward both connected and intelligent products. Based on what I saw this year, I think what we’re really going to start seeing a combination of a cloud-connected application environment with the inclusion of secure access and authentication, as well as the use of both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi around smart access products or home gateway products. We will definitely see a combination of those things together in the upcoming year because I believe that consumer confidence goes up when there’s an emphasis on secure and reliable applications.”

Michiyuki (Michi) Yoneda, Sr. Product Marketing Engineer, Programmable Systems Division

“You can’t forget BMW’s booth with all their test cars! The biggest trend I noticed during the show was that the IoT is continuing to grow, especially IoT for the automotive segment. More cars are requiring some kind of wireless connectivity which could mean up-to-date traffic reports, weather reports, streaming music or video inside your car.”

Jyotsna Chitri, Sr. Marketing Manager, Automotive

“I noticed a lot of connectivity trends emerging this year as everything is becoming ‘smart.’ I think the IoT is finally ready to play a major role in consumer and automotive markets so we can expect to see connectivity emerge very quickly. It’s pretty exciting actually; the trends that we’re seeing in the automotive market envision a lot of this connectivity coming into the car, including Wi-Fi modules with much more bandwidth for entertainment and telematics. Soon, you’ll be able to do everything from the car that you can now do from your home.

Toyota’s augmented reality demo was one of the coolest demos I saw at the show. Basically, they show how their AR software can detect a driver’s emotions and stress levels, and then respond accordingly and help guide you to your next destination. ADAS technology, in general, is getting more mature and usable, and we’re also seeing a lot of automakers include functions to control your car using your voice. Voice commands can help solve distracted driving issues because all of the commands are taken very quickly.”

CES Recap 5

We had a blast at this year’s show and we can’t wait to see what the rest of 2017 has in store! If CES was any indicator, it’s sure to be a pivotal year for technology innovation.

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