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Posted on March 30, 2017 by Neeta Shenoy

Armed with a new mission, a new PSoC architecture and the perfect crowd of embedded design enthusiasts, Cypress proved once and for all that Silicon Valley veterans truly can reinvent themselves.

If you saw us at Embedded World this year, you probably noticed that we looked a little different. We reinvented ourselves with a fresh face and a new mission: whatever your embedded technology problem, we want to be the company to help you find the solution. After all, why spend your time worrying about problems? So, bring us your weird, bold, boundary-pushing problems and we will make sure to find you industry-leading solutions.

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To introduce our new company mission, our CEO and Chief Problem Solver, Hassane El-Khoury, spoke about our focus on solutions for fast-growing markets as part of his Cypress 3.0 vision.

“Cypress 3.0 is really addressing the need for solutions in markets that are growing faster than the general semiconductor industry. In order for a company like Cypress to grow faster in the industry, we have to play and be supporting those markets like automotive, industrial and consumer. ” – Hassane El-Khoury

Even though the show has wrapped up, our message continues to ring loud and clear. We’re here to help engineers accomplish new things that haven’t been done before by creating customer-tailored products that disrupt markets and change entire industries. We’re excited to tackle your challenges to further tech innovation, push boundaries and develop solutions that have the power to change entire industries.

In line with our new mission, we’ve set out to improve a problem that has faced the IoT industry from the get-go: the need for functional and secure MCUs. We saw first-hand that our customers needed a better processing solution that balances performance and power, while implementing critical security functions for connected devices. To address our customer’s needs and solve their design problems, we unveiled the PSoC® 6 MCU at Embedded World. This new architecture is purpose-built for low-power, secure IoT applications, all on the well-loved PSoC programmable fabric. The architecture fills a major gap in the IoT solution space between power-hungry and high-cost application processors and performance-challenged, single-core MCUs.

Here’s what the industry had to say about our brand new architecture:

“The PSoC 6 story is more about the dual-core solution. It still has the configurable digital and analog blocks, and there are improvements, but the dual-core approach has major implications for security and low-power operation.” – Bill Wong via Electronic Design

“Cypress' proprietary ultra-low-power 40-nm SONOS process technology enables the PSoC 6 MCU architecture to feature industry-leading power consumption with 22 µA/MHz and 15 µA/MHz of active power on the Cortex-M4 and Cortex-M0+ cores, respectively.” – Max Maxfield via EE Times

“Although it’s tough to gauge the efficacy of any security features, a priori, Cypress seems to have done a thorough job of hacker-proofing the PSoC 6 family. The chips boot up one CPU at a time, with the M0+ waking up first and loading from secure ROM before kick-starting the Cortex-M4 core. That allows the relatively smaller and simpler core to do some internal housekeeping and security checking before the entire chip comes online.” – Jim Turley via EE Journal

As machine-to-machine and vehicle-to-machine communication continues to be incorporated into connected devices, we also saw a need for new combo-connectivity solutions to make wireless communication between devices fast and reliable. Our team developed a new WICED-based 802.11ac Wi-Fi MCU and combo solution, designed specifically to provide better range, lower power and crisp audio and video for IoT devices.  Here’s what some of our customers had to say about the new technology:

“The industrial IoT will be centered around high-density deployments with nodes rapidly accessing the cloud through high-performance networks. Cypress’ CYW43455 802.11ac Wi-Fi combo is a key component to the ARTIK™ 710 IoT gateway platform, enabling secure, reliable enterprise network connections with low latency via local intelligent management and into a wide array of cloud interactions.” – James Stansberry, senior vice president of IoT business team at Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center (SSIC)

“The Cypress WICED MCU has been a very popular solution for our IoT customers. Adding 802.11ac to the WICED combo and MCU offering will bring consumer products to the next level of security and performance for home monitoring and audio entertainment.” – Mehul Udani, general manager, connectivity solutions, Murata

“Manufacturers are definitely investing in industrial IoT (IIoT) for business advantage. IIoT applications rely on hardware that provides fast, reliable connectivity in often extraordinarily high-density applications — exactly what Cypress delivers with their 802.11ac silicon. Combining Cypress hardware with Electric Imp’s embedded OS and secure cloud platform helps a wide range of companies deliver on the promise of IIoT across a wide range of applications.” – Hugo Fiennes, CEO and co-founder, Electric Imp

We were especially proud of our booth at Embedded World this year—and we had a blast during the show too! With so much innovation emerging during the show, we’re excited to see what’s ahead for the future of embedded design. We can’t wait to continue to be a part the connectivity revolution empowering the future of the digital world.

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