How PSoC is Enabling Today’s Drone Technology

Posted on September 15, 2015 by Gagan Luthra

Parrot Bebop Drone For both businesses and consumers, drones are some of the most exciting new pieces of technology. These Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), as they are also known, are opening up tremendous possibilities across many fields such as scientific research, military patrol and even commercial deliveries. As demand for drones continues to increase, and regulations on them begin to take shape, it will be crucial that they are supported by top-notch technology to ensure they perform at a consistently high level.

One such example of a UAV that is garnering lots of industry buzz is the Parrot Bebop. Improving upon its predecessor the AR.Drone, the lightweight, yet robust Parrot Bebop boasts some amazing features such as a 14-megapixel fisheye camera in its nose, the capability of capturing 1080p video and is all app-controlled. All of us at Cypress were thrilled to be a part of this industry-leading UAV and are proud that our PSoC 3 technology is providing the motor control in the Parrot Bebop model.

While many of our competitors are just starting to deliver programmable solutions, Cypress is the world's only programmable embedded System-on-Chip that integrates an MCU core, high-performance Programmable Analog Blocks, PLD-based Programmable Digital Blocks, Programmable Interconnect and Routing, and CapSense. PSoC lets users plug in predefined and tested IP from the PSoC library of Components, or code your own, providing the flexibility to build innovation and competitive advantage into your products.

For the Parrot Bebop, Cypress’ PSoC 3 replaces the technology that provided motor control in the previous design. A single PSoC 3 chip has replaced the function of five ICs in Parrot’s previous generation product, providing significant savings on both BOM cost and PCB size, in addition to a more simplified and elegant design for Parrot. Specific product features include integrated high-precision 20-bit resolution analog, low power consumption with industry’s widest voltage range and a single-Cycle 8051 core up to 67 MHz.

We at Cypress continue to strive to provide industry-leading PSoC solutions that enable the industry’s leading technologies. With our work with Parrott Bebop a prime example, we look forward to ushering in this exciting era of exceptional drone technology.

To learn more about Cypress PSoC technology, please visit our website. To see a teardown of the Parrott Bebop, you can read TechInsights' post at You can also find out more about how PSoC 3 can be used for motor control applications by checking out our video.

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