Showcasing Bluetooth® Smart Solutions at Bluetooth World 2015

Posted on April 29, 2015 by Gagan Luthra

Earlier this month, market leaders from across the globe attended the 2015 Bluetooth World Event to discuss Bluetooth’s role in enabling the Internet of Things (IoT). From smart homes and wearables to automotive, sports and fitness, all the latest topics in the Bluetooth industry got their moment during the event. Of the 700+ attendees at this year’s Santa Clara event, Cypress Semiconductor was honored to be one of the companies that were able to participate in multiple aspects of the show.

Bluetooth World booth

Cypress was an exhibitor at the Bluetooth World with arguably the best seat in the house: booth number 01! Attendees and fellow exhibitors were able to experience an IPV6 solution running on top of Cypress’ PSoC® 4 BLE / PRoC™ BLE devices, which we delivered in partnership with Altiux. This solution allows for more control of Bluetooth Smart devices from a webserver. The other demonstration Cypress had available at the show was the CY5672 Remote Control Reference Design Kit, which included a custom solution for real-time voice over Bluetooth low energy.

Jayant Somani at Bluetooth World 2015

Jayant Somani, senior marketing director of wireless products at Cypress, participated in a panel discussion about the coexistence of various radio frequency (RF) protocols in the IoT space titled, “Tangled in Wireless Connections – Bluetooth’s Role in a Crowded Connectivity Space.” He also gave a presentation on battery-less Bluetooth low energy where he discussed several topics, including the iBeacon solution.

The show was also an exciting time for us because of the announcement of our PRoC EZ-BLE module. In short, it is a fully integrated, certified, Bluetooth 4.1 qualified module that features ease-of-design and faster time-to-market wrapped in a neatly packaged, small form factor. The show’s attendees were able to experience a demonstration of the new module firsthand. Full details of this new module can be found here.

Nerf Gun demo at Bluetooth World

At Cypress, we also know how to have some good old-fashioned fun and our Nerf Gun demo was VERY popular. The Nerf Gun was retrofitted with PSoC 4 BLE to create a one-chip solution that performed motor control. Attendees controlled the ultrasonic sensor, laser pointer and BLE control and communication from a mobile phone to shoot targets and win all sorts of prizes including t-shirts and development kits.

Bluetooth World Event 2015 was definitely a worthwhile experience. Being able to have meaningful discussions with other industry leaders is something that only happens at the world’s only global conference focusing on Bluetooth in the IoT arena. We look forward to the next show and hope to see you there!

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