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Posted on April 6, 2017 by Shannon Stroud

Our team in India was recently the recipient of the distinguished “Best Employer Brands Award” by the Best Employer Branding Awards. The “Best Employer Brands Award” recognizes outstanding HR achievements in an organization within the areas of hiring, training and retention practices, learning and development initiatives and innovation. Of the 50 companies nominated, Cypress came out on top! The 11th Annual Best Employer Branding Awards were hosted by the Employer Branding Institute at the M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences in Bangalore, India.

Read our Q&A with Cypress India’s Director of Human Resources, Rajesh Toranagatti

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 1. What makes Cypress a great place to work?

Cypress has a great work culture! There are limitless opportunities for people to work side by side with the best and most talented workforce from India’s top universities. In addition, Cypress has a good reputation in the Indian tech space and we’re constantly innovating and growing.

2. As members of the HR department at Cypress India, what do you look for when interviewing potential Cypress employees?

We look for candidates who have great passion for technology and the ability to solve complex problems. The ideal candidate is someone who operates with unparalleled technical supremacy and is willing to go the extra mile.

3. What sets Cypress employees apart?

Cypress employees are tough, smart and hardworking. They constantly solve difficult problems and take great pride in doing so. Our employees are excited to tackle uncovered roads and define new systems and solutions.

4. What kinds of learning and development initiatives are underway at Cypress India?

Cypress India is an L&D lab so we have a lot of these types of programs available. From putting NCGs (New Grads) through an intensive orientation program to executing a Manager Development program, learning is something that comes naturally to us. With the Cypress University Alliance program, we also have a unique opportunity to create a strategic roadmap for learners to move forward in their field while embodying the Cypress 3.0 philosophy.

“Our current and future investment in employee development allows us to focus on our people and to help them grow and develop into future leaders.”

All of our efforts are focused on creating a workforce that’s ready for the future.

5. Has this recognition influenced your day to day operations?

Indeed! There is a renewed enthusiasm and positive spirit among our staff. This recognition will continue to encourage our unique culture where we’re constantly creating and implementing new ideas, enabling us to go through both evolutionary and revolutionary winds of change. 

6. What’s next for the HR department of Cypress India?

The next goal for Cypress India is to rank among the top 50 in the Great Place to Work Institute survey.

Thanks to Rajesh Toranagatti for taking the time to share his insight on the hard work of the Human Resources department at Cypress India. We look forward to seeing what else they accomplish

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