Flash memory

  • Cypress’ Maker of the Month: Krishnaswamy Ramkumar

    The Maker of the Month series recognizes unique projects created by the maker community. At Cypress, we are committed to helping our customers (international OEMs and makers alike) bring their innovations to life with our easy-to-use software tools and programmable solutions. For more information about Cypress’ maker community involvement, check out the rest of our

  • Destination: Electronica – Seven Reasons to Visit Us at the Show

    Pack your luggage and PSoC kits! We’re gearing up for a big trip to Munich, Germany. We’ll be at Electronica 2016 from Nov. 8 -11 at hall A5, stand 318 showcasing our deep and wide automotive portfolio, IoT solutions, memory products, and USB Type-C power delivery innovations. As a global MCU and IoT powerhouse and

  • Cypress Swoops in to Save the Day!

    We’ve got some exciting news to share, superhero fans! Every great superhero needs a fearless sidekick, just like every great technology innovator needs a steadfast partner. That’s why we’re sponsoring Mouser’s latest project, bringing comic book technology to life. In the ultimate team-up between tech giants, we’re pushing the boundaries of design to make fictional

  • Spansion Gets Even More Hyped Up with Development of HyperRAM™ Products

    I’m excited to announce the latest evolution of the Spansion® HyperBus™ Interface and our plans to develop Spansion’s HyperRAM™ products.  As you may recall, we introduced HyperFlash memory earlier this year and our announcement today to develop HyperRAM products comes on the heels of last week’s announcement of the expansion of Spansion’s Traveo microprocessor family

  • 2014 – The Year of the Edge

    Spansion’s Top Five Highlights of 2013 and Trends for 2014 Every year we sit back and reflect on the year behind us and what’s ahead of us.  This is especially true in the technology industry.  Things happen so quickly in our world that looking back or ahead just 12 months yields a huge horizon.  So

  • Back to the Future with Spansion Long-Term Memory Support

    I was feeling nostalgic last weekend and watched the entire Back to the Future series. In this science fiction comedy film trilogy, a teenage boy, Marty McFly, travels in time to the past and future, with the help of a time machine made out of a DeLorean car, to fix his current problems. It’s interesting

  • Instant gratification, instant answers, instant coffee…Instant on!

    Our generation seems to demand that everything these days works fast, is efficient and accomplishes the task at hand conveniently to keep up with our crazy schedules.  One area of our lives where we haven’t been spoiled with instant gratification is in many home electronics boot up times.  In fact, start times of many electronics

  • Configurable Platforms for Embedded Systems to Improve User Experience

    In order for designers to offer the best user experience and cost structure for embedded systems, customization and programmability is key to designing application-specific platforms based on regional and products requirements. 

  • Spansion Presents at Flash Memory Summit

    From automotive electronics to industrial systems to communications systems to highly interactive and immersive consumer devices, Flash memory-based embedded systems solutions are at the heart of electronic systems—connecting, controlling, storing and powering everything.

  • Close on Fujitsu MCU and Analog Business Acquisition Brings Broad Solutions Portfolio for Embedded Design

    On April 30, we announced our intent to acquire the Microcontroller and Analogy / Mixed Signal business of Fujitsu and I blogged about what this would mean for embedded customers.  Today, we closed on the acquisition and are ready to move forward to make the most of the synergies between Spansion Flash memory business and