• From Gamer to Le Mans Race Car Driver – How Technology is Changing the Way We Drive

    For most of us, our experience with race car driving has typically been limited to: Watching NASCAR on TV. Getting behind the wheel as Mario. Cheering on James Hinchcliffe in the IndyCar series.  .@Hinchtown wins the @ToyotaGPLB! #INDYCAR #TGPLB — IndyCar Series (@IndyCar) April 9, 2017 However, recent advancements in virtual reality (VR)

  • Smart Home Photo Contest: Deadline Extended to August 7th

    I’m excited to announce that Spansion has decided to extend the deadline of the Smart Home Photo Contest by two weeks, giving prospective participants until August 7th to submit. If you’re new to the contest, the idea is simple. We’re looking for your suggestions on what the future smart home could and should include. The

  • Smart Home Photo Contest: Week 3

    This week we heard a lot about Revolv, a Colorado-based startup that specializes in home automation. In a video released on the company’s website, a Revolv developer shows viewers how the app works, using the Google Glass API. Currently, the app allows you to control various home functions and devices like your thermostat, locks, lights,

  • Smart Home Photo Contest: Week 2

    Another week has gone by since Spansion announced the Smart Home Photo Contest.  It looks like everyone is taking the creativity portion of the contest very seriously, which means we’ve received some more great entries. Can you picture the day that your dishwasher will know how full it is and will be able to load

  • Spansion Launches Smart Home Photo Contest on Facebook

    Technology is more pervasive in our everyday lives than at any time in history—from our cars to our workplaces to our homes.  The “Internet of Things” has been slated to reinvent our homes with refrigerators that tell us when our milk is expired and smart thermostats and meters that adapt to our personal preferences and

  • Gaming Graphics Get More Flashy

    About 5 months ago, a very interesting point-and-click adventure game called Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP was released for the Apple iPad.  Was it because it has outstanding, immersive gameplay? No, it was released with incredible 8-bit visuals, challenging puzzles and an awesome soundtrack. Indeed, it was quite different than the predominate trend in gaming:

  • There’s More Than SSDs at Flash Memory Summit

    This week you are probably going to hear a lot about SSDs at Flash Memory Summit. They are an impressive technological advancement; my 128GB SSD has literally rejuvenated my old laptop. However, NOR flash has also been revolutionizing the embedded market as well. This was the key discussion in the session today, “NOR Flash Memory: