• Embedded World 2017: Trends, Talks and Hot Topics

    Embedded World is the perfect one-stop-shop to learn about the global trends influencing embedded design and discover the next big solution of tomorrow, bringing the show’s motto “it’s a smarter world” to life for the 30,000+ attendees. With an exclusive focus on embedded technologies, this year’s show will feature over 930 exhibitors and numerous speakers

  • Will a connected world be a more secure world?

    Impressions from embedded world 2014 in Germany It would have been difficult to walk away from the embedded world conference without noticing two overarching themes: The Internet of Things (IoT) and Security. embedded world is one of the biggest shows exclusively focused on embedded systems with more than 850 exhibitors presenting  solutions and products to

  • 2014 – The Year of the Edge

    Spansion’s Top Five Highlights of 2013 and Trends for 2014 Every year we sit back and reflect on the year behind us and what’s ahead of us.  This is especially true in the technology industry.  Things happen so quickly in our world that looking back or ahead just 12 months yields a huge horizon.  So

  • Smart Home Photo Contest: Deadline Extended to August 7th

    I’m excited to announce that Spansion has decided to extend the deadline of the Smart Home Photo Contest by two weeks, giving prospective participants until August 7th to submit. If you’re new to the contest, the idea is simple. We’re looking for your suggestions on what the future smart home could and should include. The

  • Smart Home Photo Contest: Week 2

    Another week has gone by since Spansion announced the Smart Home Photo Contest.  It looks like everyone is taking the creativity portion of the contest very seriously, which means we’ve received some more great entries. Can you picture the day that your dishwasher will know how full it is and will be able to load

  • The Connected Car

    Today I’m presenting on “The Connected Car” at the  IDC Smart Technology World 2013 conference in Menlo Park, Calif.  In the first three keynotes today (presented by IDC’s Mario Morales; Intel’s Kumar Balasubramanian; and Cisco Systems’ Maciej Kranz) security is mentioned as a necessary component of the systems and infrastructure for Intelligent Systems. This is

  • Security Surveillance Market Is More Consumer Friendly

    The security surveillance market shows the potential to grow exponentially with growth driven by three main factors that will continue to push technology and availability to new levels. The commercial construction boom in emerging countries, especially in China, is a significant factor.

  • Home Security: Protection in a Flash

    It always happens when you are running late. Your 4-year old is pushing you to get her to gymnastics class. After struggling with getting her dressed and standing on one foot putting on your shoes with her urgently tugging on your pants, you go to set your alarm.  The read-out stares back at you mockingly.