• Data security concerns? Learn how to stay safe with internal error correcting SRAMs.

    Data security is a hot topic among hardware engineers these days, but did you know that the reliability of your system depends on the integrity of the data stored in the system’s memory? In turn, the integrity of the data in the memory depends on the atmospheric conditions around it? Alpha particles and gamma rays

  • The Mother of All Memory Challenges: Overcoming the Speed-Power Conundrum

    As circuit designers, system designers or board designers, we have time and again had to throw down the gauntlet and have been asked to achieve the fastest speeds with the least power dissipation. In the end, we always have had to compromise one thing for the other. Faster speeds come at the price of power,

  • In Case You Missed It…A Roundup of the Latest News from Cypress

    Summer may finally be here, but Cypress certainly hasn’t been in vacation mode! Over the past few weeks, we have expanded product families, introduced new solutions and we even got to see the future of IoT in action! It’s a lot to take in but we are excited to bring these industry-leading products and solutions