The 10th Anniversary of Maker Faire: A Vision of Tomorrow’s Engineers

Posted on June 1, 2015 by Gagan Luthra

Maker Faire PSoC Bike Makers are taking the Internet of Things at full force! Last month, Maker Faire Bay Area attracted the innovative and creative Makers from all around the world to celebrate its 10th anniversary. While walking through the 900+ exhibitions, I couldn’t help thinking I was seeing a vision of the future for the IoT.

Part science fair, part technology tradeshow, Maker Faire Bay Area stretched out across 48 acres made of pure creativity. Where was Cypress in all this? At the heart of the event in the Expo Hall, where we geeked out on our latest design developments for the Maker community.

Over the last ten years, the Maker Movement has continued to develop, with Maker Faire serving as a prime hub to experience the new class of engineers and their creations. With new single-board computers growing rapidly in popularity, we’ve seen new hardware capabilities for Makers from all background levels to take advantage of. These IoT capabilities range from flexible integrated development environments (IDE) to Bluetooth® Smart to touch sensors to cloud connectivity.

Maker Faire PSoC BLE Kit

This year, we were proud to showcase our Arduino-compatible Bluetooth® Smart PSoC 4 BLE kit, CapSense™ touch-sensing solution and PSoC® 4 prototyping kit. Ranging from $4 to $49, the products showcased the low-cost, yet versatile offerings that Makers can utilize. We also partnered with a few other innovators to bring technologies like CoroWare’s CoRobot and Embedit’s PiSoC to the hands of Makers.

To add to the array of additional IoT features Makers can now leverage, embedded designers are making sure development tools are affordable, ready and available. At our booth, we hosted a PSoC Makerspace to demo projects for our PSoC kits.

It’s amazing how quickly developers can test and trial these single-computer chips. Once you become familiar with the hardware and software, you can start to build your own IoT-enabled device.

Maker Faire Cypress Booth

Is this the future of IoT-enabled embedded designs? We think so. The array of maker boards with diverse capabilities is an ideal way to test new scenarios and IoT solutions freely. Boards are now reasonable priced, easy to use, flexible in software and are supported by a variety of developer tools and tutorials.

Makers, we have so much more to show you – stay tuned! If you’re interested in learning more about our PSoC kits, join one of our live workshops around the globe or stream one of our developer tutorial videos. To hear more from our new PSoC 4 BLE kit that we showcased at Maker Faire, read on here at Make Magazine.

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